Top 3 topics in IJECE February 2024

International Journal of Electrical and Computer Engineering (IJECE) is an open-access scientific journal in electricity, electronics, signal processing, computer science, telecommunications, artificial intelligence and soft computing, and computer engineering. The journal publishes research and reviews papers in these fields. Here are the top 3 topics that are being discussed in the February 2024 issue of IJECE:

Digital signal, image, and video processing

Digital signal, image, and video processing involves a variety of functions and services such as compression, identification, recognition, and segmentation. It is used in various applications such as facial recognition, medical imaging, and optical signal processing.

Computer science and information technology

Computer science and information technology cover several topics such as algorithms and bioinformatics, data structures, analog computing, anti-spam email, anti-virus issues, authentication or authorization, blockchain, business processes, cloud computing, data science, theory of computation, mathematics, geometry, and linguistics, computer architecture, and engineering, computer network security, computer networks and communications, computer science and game theory, computer science applications, computer-human interaction, cryptography and security, and database systems. These topics cover various computer science and information technology aspects, from basic concepts to security issues and practical applications.

Artificial intelligence and soft computing

Artificial intelligence and soft computing cover topics such as agent systems, artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms, the use of AI in modeling, simulation, scheduling, and optimization. There are also discussions on fuzzy logic, expert systems, distributed intelligent processing, and emotional intelligence. Some mathematical concepts such as fuzzy set theory, fuzzy mathematics, and fuzzy optimization are also covered in this text. Other topics covered include bioinformatics, business intelligence, chaotic systems, cognitive science, computational creativity, data mining, machine learning, and decision support systems.

IJECE aims to provide an international forum for scientists and engineers to share research and ideas and to promote important fields such as electrical engineering, electronics, power electronics, automation, instrumentation, digital signals, image and video processing, telecommunications, and artificial intelligence. To get more information and read articles for FREE you can visit the following link:

By: I. Busthomi