Is a good relationship enough for a good life?

Positive relationships can have a huge positive impact on general health as well as mental health. Life satisfaction is an important component of mental health, as it underpins mental health problems. According to life satisfaction theory, satisfaction in a particular domain such as relationship satisfaction, has a very significant impact on overall life satisfaction. In a study conducted in Malaysia, the mediating role of meaningfulness and perceived social support (PSS) in life happiness and relationship satisfaction. Broadly, the results showed that meaningfulness and PSS significantly influence life satisfaction. This suggests that a person’s level of life satisfaction can be positively influenced by good relationships. Good relationships can contribute to a good life in a way:

Improving well-being in life

Several things can be used to improve welfare, including:

  1. Building strong bonds between family members.
  2. Building a healthy lifestyle by eating a balanced diet, getting enough sleep, and exercising frequently.
  3. Not being shy to visit a counselor if needed.
  4. Engage in meaningful and enjoyable activities such as hobbies, volunteer work, or natural healing.
  5. Managing stress and improving mental health can be done by engaging in stress-reduction practices such as yoga and meditation.

It is important to remember that improving mental health is a specialized and complex process that requires a combination of strategies. Seeking professional help is essential for dealing with serious mental health issues.

Avoids depression and anxiety

It is important to defend against depression and anxiety. These strategies include strengthening relationships, self-care, getting help from professionals, participating in enjoyable positive activities, practicing stress reduction, creating coping procedures, and making more social contacts. One can improve mental health and lower the chances of developing anxiety and depression by implementing proven practical measures. Keep in mind that defending against these mental health issues is a complicated process that may require strategies. It is important to get help from a mental health professional if experiencing serious mental health issues to get proper support and treatment.

Improving life satisfaction

Some approaches that can be used to achieve happiness in life:

  1. Having healthy relationships with family members can give a person a sense of support and belonging.
  2. Fun and fulfillment can increase when one takes part in meaningful activities.
  3. Being grateful can also make you feel more satisfied with your life.
  4. A sense of accomplishment can be gained by setting and achieving reasonable goals.
  5. Maintaining one’s physical and emotional health is very important.

Keep in mind that different people may need different strategies to achieve their ideal level of life satisfaction.

Having healthy relationships is just one aspect of living a happy life. Other elements, such as the social support you receive, can also greatly impact your life satisfaction and well-being.

Satisfaction with life is an important element of mental health as its protective features against depression, anxiety, and other mental health problems. The bottom-up theory of life satisfaction explained that satisfaction in specific domains tend to sum up to general life satisfaction. accordingly, studies reported that relationship satisfaction predicts general life satisfaction This cross-sectional study aims to investigate the role of two variables, namely perceived social support (PSS) and mattering. We hypothesized that PSS and mattering perform full serial mediation on the link relationship between relationship satisfaction and life satisfaction. 256 individuals who live in several urban areas in West Malaysia were recruited through purposive sampling to respond to online form consisted of scales of relationship satisfaction, satisfaction with life, general mattering scale and multidimensional scale of perceived social support. Bootstrap method with 95% confidence interval and 5,000 samples was conducted through PROCESS Macro model 6; the results suggested that a significant, full serial mediation occurred. Additionally, both PSS and mattering significantly predicted life satisfaction after controlling for each other.

Is a good relationship enough for a good life?
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By: I. Busthomi