Top 3 applied science topics in IJAAS March 2024

International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences (IJAAS) is a peer-reviewed and open-access journal that focuses on the publication of significant research findings in the fields of Applied Sciences, Engineering, and Information Technology. The journal covers topics such as applied physics, applied chemistry, applied biology, environmental and earth sciences, electrical and electronic engineering, instrumentation and control, telecommunications, computer science, industrial engineering, materials and manufacturing, mechanical engineering, mechatronics, civil engineering, food engineering, chemistry, agriculture, and acoustics and music engineering. Here are the top 3 topics that are being discussed in the March 2024 issue of IJAAS:

  1. Some specific subtopics are telecommunications, computer science, instrumentation, control, electrical engineering, electronics, bioinformatics, antennas, big data analytics, bio-medical engineering, cloud computing and mobile, communication networks and systems, artificial intelligence, computer architecture, embedded systems, computer security, control engineering, data communications, forensic security networks, data compression and encryption, and data mining.
  2. Topics in industrial, materials, and manufacturing engineering including automation and robotics, CAD/CAE/CAM, logistics and supply chain management, machine tools and manufacturing processes, maintenance engineering, materials characterization, materials degradation, materials processing, nanotechnology, operations research, production and operations management, and quality control and management.
  3. Specific topics in physics, biology, chemistry, and materials science, with subtopics such as applied bioscience and biotechnology, applied dentistry, applied microbiology, applied micro medicine, acoustics and vibration, energy, food science and technology, materials, membrane science and technology, nanotechnology and applied nanoscience, optics and lasers, and quantum science and technology.

Overall, the International Journal of Advances in Applied Sciences (IJAAS) is targeting researchers, developers, professionals, students, and others interested in research in various fields of applied sciences, engineering, and information technology. These are the top three topics covered in IJAAS. To get more information and read articles for FREE you can visit the following links: https://

By: I. Busthomi