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ICW-TELKOMNIKA 2019 became a stage for the Colombia’s researchers to share their works. They came as a solid team that participated at different levels in 6 accepted papers, which 2 of them were nominated for the best papers.

It was Fredy Martinez who took the role as the group leader, and presented 3 of the papers. The rest were presented by the other 3 members of the team where they contributed as authors. They would have had more presenters, if there had not been internal problems.

“I participated at different levels in 6 articles, of which I made the oral presentation of 3,” said Martinez. “I expected other of my students to travel with me and present their papers at the conference, but internal problems of our university did not allow their coming.”

The professor of Universidad Distrital Francisco José de Caldas emphasized that their research focus are the control and processing of signals, and service robotics.

“Our research group has, as its central core, the control and processing of signals, and many of our works, including patents, are related to technological support to vulnerable populations, such as children with hearing problems, elderly people and people with disabilities,” he explained. “We believe that technology and the university have a strong social commitment, and we are working hard on this, of which we are very proud.”

Of 3 papers presented by himself, the one which was titled Performance Evaluation of Deep Neural Network Architectures in the Identification of Bone Fissures were nominated for the best papers award. The research was related identification of characteristics in images using deep networks.. The other paper becomoing the nominee was Scheme for Motion Estimation based on Adaptive Fuzzy Neural Network, which was related to robotic navigation, and presented by his student Cristian Penagos.

“We are very pleased that these projects are also recognized for their technical value, as well as their social impact,” said Martinez.


Furthest Away from Home

The conference and workshop hosted by Universitas Ahmad Dahlan was also the furthest travel experience for the Colombian quartet.

“We had never traveled so far from Colombia to present our research, and we definitely never imagined coming to this country and receiving such good treatment and human warmth,” admitted Martinez.

It was TELKOMNIKA quality, both the articles and its processes, which attracted the South Americans to join this event.

“Shortly after we learned about the conference, and given its focus on polishing skills for writing research articles we decided to select it as a target for this year,” another well explained confession by Martinez. “This is a unique approach that is very important to our students.”

“The conference fulfilled all our expectations, the level and focus is very high and is quite different from others,” he added.

His research group have already planned their participation in 2010.

“Of course, for me as director of the research group it is very important that my students improve their communication skills in the dissemination of our research results. The conference is the perfect platform for this purpose given its unique approach, and the backing it has,” he concluded. (ffp)