Google wants to get rid of AI-generated product reviews, here’s how

Google wants to get rid of AI-generated product reviews, here's how

Google took legal action against scammers for using fake reviews and listings in June. Scammers used these false reviews to mislead and exploit consumers. Now, the tech giant is set to update its Product Ratings policies. Under the new policy, Google will restrict the use of automated and artificial intelligence (AI)-generated content in reviews. The company’s latest Product Ratings policies will be applied from August 28. Google has updated its blog post to explain how it will restrict AI-generated fake reviews from product pages.

Apart from this, Google’s updated policies cover a range of other issues. This includes spam content, illegal content, hate speech, dangerous products or acts, personal or confidential information and more. To enhance user experience, the company wants to eliminate irrelevant and harmful content from its platform.

How Google will get rid of AI-generated product reviews
Restricting AI-generated content for product reviews is one of the key highlights of the new policy. Google will stop allowing reviews that are primarily generated by an automated program or AI app. The company explains that this step will ensure that the reviews are genuine and submitted by real users.

The company has explained that it will deploy a combination of AI tools and human-based evaluation to enforce the policy and ensure compliance. To maintain the integrity of the platform, automated programs and AI app-generated reviews will be marked as spam.

What this means for users
Google only wants first-hand experiences from genuine customers on its platform and is trying to eliminate deceiving or fake content. The company aims to ensure a fair and transparent review system by blocking duplicate reviews and flagging policy violations.

The company is trying to improve its user experience by creating a trustworthy environment for both consumers and businesses. This new update comes as a part of that effort. With these new policies, users can expect a more dependable and helpful review system on Google’s Search. The company also wants to maintain the credibility of its product reviews and shopping platforms by taking action against policy violators and repeat offenders.

Google notes: “We don’t allow reviews that are primarily generated by an automated program or artificial intelligence application. If you have identified such content, it should be marked as spam in your feed using the attribute.”

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