Intrusion Threat Detection (ITD) UTM Dataset

Computer security has become a major concern activity with the Internet. Currently, there are various projects in universities and industrial research produces data sets for academic research, these work helpfully researcher to get scenario and payload data from past experiments have been done. Unfortunately, this existing datasets are not sufficient and mostly outdated, since new suspicious threats have been increasing in recent years.

We perform some steps set of experiment and configured three victim machines based on famous of operating system, two acting as the attacker and five computer client to access normal condition. We have accomplished the measurements on identical equipment and environment. There are some penetration method has been used in this experiment, including reconnaissance probes, brute force attacks based on password guessing, implanting malware to create a backdoor for escalating privileges, and flooding the target. Each  dataset consists of three parts which are raw tcpdump traffic data, information alert from snort ver 2.8.0 Build 75 and priority ranking of alerts for Redhat, FreeBSD & Windows 2003.

This experiment was focused on gaining access in order to ascertain the identities of hackers and thus better understand their methods. It is expected that this work will serve as a guideline for practitioners who want to prepare and protect their systems before putting them online


Contact : Prof. Dr. Abdul Hanan Abdullah

Faculty of ComputingUniversiti Teknologi Malaysia
Email : itdataset.utm [AT]