Cloud computing and 5G

Cloud computing and 5G networks present several challenges and open issues. These need to be addressed to ensure optimal integration and utilization. Some of the key challenges include:

  1. Security: Ensuring the security of cloud applications and data is a major concern, especially with the increasing number of nodes and connections in 5G networks. This requires strong security protocols and encryption techniques to protect against cyber threats and data misuse.
  2. Scalability: As the number of devices and applications connected to the cloud increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to scale the infrastructure to meet the growing demand. This requires efficient resource allocation and management strategies to ensure optimal performance and reliability.
  3. Interaction capabilities between applications: Ensuring seamless communication and data exchange between various cloud platforms and 5G networks is critical to successful integration. This requires the development of standardized protocols and interfaces to facilitate interaction capabilities between applications.
  4. Cost: The implementation and maintenance of cloud computing and 5G networks are potentially costly. This requires the development of more cost-efficient solutions and business models.
  5. Regulation: The rapid advancement of cloud computing and 5G technology has outpaced the regulatory framework. This has led to a lack of clear guidelines and standards, requiring the development of appropriate legal and regulatory frameworks to ensure responsible use of these technologies.

These challenges and open issues are being actively researched and addressed by experts in the field, to create cloud computing and 5G networks that are more secure, scalable, and interoperable.

The obtainable fourth-generation technology (4G) networks have been extensively used in the cloud application and are constantly evolving to match the needs of the future cloud applications. The fifth-generation (5G) networks are probable to immense expand today’s cloud that can boost communication operations, cloud security, and network challenges and drive the cloud future to the edge and internet of things (IoT) applications. The existing cloud solutions are facing a number of challenges such as large number of connection of nodes, security, and new standards. This paper reviews the current research state-of-the-art of 5G cloud, key-enabling technologies, and current research trends and challenges in 5G along with cloud application.

Cloud computing and 5G challenges and open issues
Arif Ullah, Hanane Aznaoui, Canan Batur Şahin, Mahnaz Sadie, Ozlem Batur Dinler, Laassar Imane

By: I. Busthomi