The Best Paper at EECSI 2015













EECSI 2015 on August 19, 2015 has been successfully conducted at Ballroom Horison Ultima Hotel Palembang. There are four (4) paper to award as a best paper and one (1) paper for best cited from TELKOMNIKA journal.

  1. EL 02: REALIZATION OF ZIGBEE WIRELESS SENSOR NETWORKS FOR TEMPERATURE AND HUMIDITY MONITORING, presented by Helmy Fitriawan, Danny Mausa, Ahmad Surya Arifin, Agus Trisanto
  2. CS 08 : GENERALIZED MINLP OF INTERNET PRICING SCHEME UNDER MULTI LINK QOS NETWORKS, presented by Fitri Maya Puspita, Irmeilyana, Indrawati
  3. RC 11 : SENSORLESS SOLAR TRACKER BASED ON SUN POSITION FOR MAXIMUM ENERGY CONVERSION, presented by Syafii, Refdinal Nazir, Muhammad Hadi Putra, and Kamsory
  4. TW 02 :  RADIO SUBCARRIER MULTIPLEXING IN CONJUNCTION WITH OPTICAL MODE DIVISION MULTIPLEXING FOR 5G NETWORKS, presented by Angela Amphawan, Baseem Khalaf, Wanasiah Tahir, Hafiza Haron, Rukhiyah Adnan
Best cited with title ” Intelligent Monitoring System on Prediction of Building Damage Index using Artificial Neural Network” by Mardiyono, R Suryanita and A Adnan from TELKOMNIKA Indonesian Journal of Electrical Engineering 10 (1).