Top 3 topics on Edulearn February 2024

Journal of Education and Learning (EduLearn) is an international journal that examines various aspects of education and learning. The journal covers child development, philosophy of education, STEM, instructional technology, pedagogics, learning management, language teaching, gender and education, educational theories, educational psychology, e-learning, and computing. The journal is a valuable source of information for education stakeholders around the world. Here are the top 3 topics that are being discussed in the February 2024 issue of Edulearn:

Career development and training in education and learning

Career development and training are two important aspects of education and learning. Some aspects that can be considered in career development are entrepreneurship curriculum, internship programs, lifelong learning, technology transfer, education staff training, university and industry cooperation, vocational training, on-the-job training, and employability issues.

Experiences in education and learning

Experience in education and learning may include curriculum design and development, educational management, educational trends, and best practices, enhancing undergraduate learning and experience, game-based learning, as well as experience in higher education, preschool education, and pre-service and in-service teacher experiences.

General issues in education and learning

There are also general issues in education and learning such as education and globalization, multicultural education, the impact of education on development, digital school planning, barriers to learning such as age, psychosocial, and ethnicity factors, as well as ethical issues, recognition and abuse in education, and access to the internet. These things are important to consider so that education and learning can run well and effectively.

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By: I. Busthomi