[IJINS] Prof. Dr. Eng. Sattar Bader Sadkhan


Dr. Eng. Sattar Bader Sadkhan
SCOPUS ID : 21935089000
Professor at University of Babylon, Iraq


Dr. Eng Sattar Bader Sadkhan , Chief Scientific Researcher Science 1997,Technology Expert Since 2003, Chairman of IEEE IRAQ SECTION and (currently) Postgraduate Lecturer in Babylon University.Expert in : Wireless Digital Communicationand Information Security.Diploma in Radar Equipments Repairing (1970-1974)- from Wireless and Radar training Center – B.Sc. (1974-1978)Baghdad – IRAQ – Electrical and Electronic Engineering. M.Sc. (1979-1981)in VAAZ Academy- BRNO – CZECH Republic –Wireless CommunicationEngineering. Ph.D. (1981-1984) in VAAZ Academy- BRNO- CZECHRepublic- Detection of Digital Modulated Signals. Diploma in Cryptographyin 1988 – From Switzerland.Since 1991 up to 2003, in Communication Research and Development Center–Institute of Research and Development.