2012 JCR Data Release

This release of Journal Citation Reports provides 2012 data. The 2013 data will be made available in Journal Citation Reports mid-year 2014

Journals appearing in JCR

A complete list of the titles covered in this year’s JCR is available at: http://scientific.thomsonreuters.com/imgblast/JCRFullCovlist-2013.pdf.

Regional Content Expansion

Throughout the years 2007-2009, more than 1,600 journals that focus on topics of regional interest were added to Web of Science. Data used to calculate JCR metrics include citations from these journals as each was included in our citation indexes. Most of these titles are now included in the list of titles available in the 2012 JCR. To get information about the new regional content, go to http://isiwebofknowledge.com/products_tools/multidisciplinary/webofscience/contentexp/.

2012 JCR Data Update

After JCR data are published in June 2013, this section will be updated weekly with additions or adjustments to the JCR data. All changes will be reflected in the JCR Web interface when the dataset is reloaded and closed in September 2013. Citation metrics published in this section can be considered official JCR data.

Journals with an adjustment that would bring them into the top 10 in one or more categories, as ranked by Journal Impact Factor will have expected rank in category information noted. This is unlikely to change, but should be considered provisional until the data are reloaded.

Full Title

JCR Abbreviation

Reason for Update

Total Cites

Journal Impact Factor

5-Year Impact Factor

Immediacy Index

Archives of Internal Medicine ARCH INTERN MED Did not appearExpected rank: 7 of 151 in Medicine, General & Internal 39,907 10.579 11.413 5.913
Archives of Neurology ARCH NEUROL-CHICAGO Did not appearExpected rank: 9 of 191 in Clinical Neurology 21,999 7.685 7.430 1.581
Journal of Materials Chemistry J MATER CHEM Did not appear 62,095 6.101 6.171 1.130
IEEE Engineering in Medicine and Biology Magazine IEEE ENG MED BIOL Citations 1508 2.727 1.526 n/a
Human Gene Therapy Methods HUM GENE THER METHOD Did not appear 7 n/a n/a 0.212
Materia-Rio de Janeiro MATERIA-BRAZIL Item count 19 0.010 n/a n/a
Biomedical Research-India BIOMED RES-INDIA Did not appear 83 0.177 n/a 0.056
Journal of English for Academic Purposes J ENGL ACAD PURP Missing issues 297 0.976 n/a 0.138
European Journal of Psychiatry EUR J PSYCHIAT Missing issues 149 0.318 0.458 0.042
Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine ALTERN THER HEALTH M Missing issues 841 1.088 1.421 n/a
CCAMLR Science CCAMLR SCI Missing issues 128 0.292 0.796 n/a
Foreign Affairs FOREIGN AFF Missing issues 1684 2.090 2.055 n/a
Harvard Educational Review HARVARD EDUC REV Missing issues 1184 0.458 1.099 0.111
Orthopedic Clinics of North America ORTHOP CLIN N AM Missing issues 2625 2.000 1.969 0.146
Journal of Computational Finance J COMPUT FINANC Missing issues 259 0.438 n/a n/a
Journal of Credit Risk J CREDIT RISK Missing issues 46 0.091 n/a n/a
Rural and Remote Health RURAL REMOTE HEALTH Missing issues 630 0.820 n/a n/a
European Journal of Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation EUR J CARDIOV PREV R Did not appear 3060 3.903 3.724 n/a
SIAM Journal on Financial Mathematics SIAM J FINANC MATH Missing issues 60 0.795 0.795 n/a
Medizinische Klinik MED KLIN Did not appear 469 0.410 0.384 0.556
Journal of Rehabilitation Research and Development J REHABIL RES DEV Missing issues 2804 1.408 2.357 n/a
Geodinamica Acta GEODIN ACTA Missing issues 677 1.091 1.033 n/a
Journal of Bone and Joint Surgery-British Volume J BONE JOINT SURG BR 18505 Item count 2.735 3.376 0.296
Journal of Sports Science and Medicine J SPORT SCI MED Item count 963 0.953 1.362 0.100
Endocrine Practice ENDOCR PRACT Missing issues 2242 2.327 n/a 0.339
Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies ISOT ENVIRON HEALT S Item count 427 0.767 1.036 0.171

Expanded Metrics and Features

  • 5-Year Journal Impact Factor is the average number of times articles from a journal published in the past five years have been cited in the JCR year. For journals in subjects where citation activity continues to rise through several years, this metric allows more of their total citation activity to be included in a critical performance metric.
  • Eigenfactor® Metrics, comprising the Eigenfactor® Score and Article Influence® Score, use JCR citation data to assess the influence of a journal in relation to other journals. These metrics, based on five years of citation activity, consider not just the count of citations but the structure of the citation network. Eigenfactor Metrics are available only for JCR years 2007 and later.
  • Journal Self Cites provides analyses of journal self citations and their contribution to the Journal Impact Factor calculation.
  • Rank-in-Category reveals the ranking of a journal in its subject categories based on the Journal Impact Factor. An accompanying Impact Factor box plot depicts the distribution of Impact Factors for all journals in a category.


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