Perfect Accountant Shortage Solution

Perfect Accountant Shortage Solution

Onboarding new workers take time and money. The expense grows if you make a bad hiring decision. But when you use accounting staffing companies, you can meet your hiring goals faster and more affordably.

Benefits of using a staffing company are there for both large and small organizations. Are you considering using a staffing agency to hire accountants? Take a look at the benefits below.

First, you will enjoy the benefit of working with an experienced staffing company over the long term. You can gain a good partner for your hiring and recruitment needs that knows the intricacies of your organization. This is important whether you are looking for contracts or long-term hires. Once the staffing company knows who you are and what you want, your long-term staffing needs will be addressed faster and more affordably.

Second, working with an accounting staffing company means you are getting the expertise of insiders who know what you need to staff your organization. Many of the recruiters at a dedicated staffing company worked in accounting and know what to look for. Their expertise and knowledge will help them find the best fits for your firm. Usually, a job candidate from a staffing firm specialized in accounting is better in their job than one from a standard staffing company.

Third, you will enjoy a streamlined hiring process. Did you ever think that the best job candidate might never see your Facebook or Linkedin ad? You don’t have to worry as much when you hire a staffing company for the job.

Accounting staffing companies have broad networks and have thousands of workers in their databases. When they see that you have a need, they will send you as many qualified candidates as you want to review. Getting the same number of candidates on your own can take many weeks.

Fourth, the staffing company is there for you if your hire isn’t working out. You won’t have to go through a long termination process as you would with a full-time employee. You just send the person back to the staffing company and hire another one.

Plus, using a staffing company means you can try out a new employee before you hire them full time. You’ll almost always wind up with better long-term hires when you make them temporary workers at first.

Remember to use a staffing company to hire accountants, and you’ll enjoy the benefits for years.

___________________________________________ This article is written by Cindy Baade (Harrisco).

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