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IAES International Journal of Robotics and Automation (IJRA) is an academic journal focusing on the field of robotics and automation. The journal provides a platform for researchers, engineers, and experts to publish and access research articles, reviews, and technical papers related to robotics, automation, and related fields. The journal utilizes a peer review process, where submitted research articles will be evaluated by experts in the field before publication.

Recently, IJRA has been accepted for Scopus. The Scopus Content Selection & Advisory Board (CSAB) had approved it for coverage.

IJRA publishes quarterly. To access articles from the journal, users should visit the official IJRA website, where various issues and articles can be searched. The website also provides information on how to submit research articles for publication for interested authors.

IJRA (International Journal of Robotics and Automation) is a journal that covers various topics in the field of robotics and automation. This journal covers several topics such as:

  1. Robot design and control, where research is conducted to study the design, construction, and control of various types of robots. In addition, there is also research on artificial intelligence and robotics, which involves the integration of artificial intelligence techniques in robotics such as machine learning and computer vision.
  2. Automation and control systems used in various industrial fields such as manufacturing, transportation, and others. In addition, there is research on autonomous systems such as autonomous vehicles, drones, and other self-operating systems.
  3. Human-robot interaction is also one of the topics covered in this journal, including user interfaces, collaborative robotics, and social robots. The journal also discusses robotic applications in various domains such as healthcare, agriculture, logistics, and space exploration.
  4. In addition, the journal also examines machine vision and perception, bio-inspired robotics, swarm robotics, and the ethics and safety of robots in collaborative and public space use.

If you have specific questions about accessing articles, submitting research, or need further information about IJRA, visit the journal’s homepage at https://ijra.iaescore.com/ or contact the editorial team for assistance at ijra@iaescore.com.