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SCOPUS ID:  36615369800
Dr. Changhui Lin
Samsung Research – Silicon Valley, San Jose, USA

He got PhD degree in computer science from UC Riverside in 2013. Dr. Changhui Lin mainly focuses on System software for multicore/manycore OS scaling and cloud computing; dynamic analysis, architecture support,
runtime system and compiler optimization for parallel systems, and memory consistency models


  1. Ph.D. in Computer Science 2008 – 2013. University of California at Riverside, CA, USA. Advisor: Dr. Rajiv Gupta
  2. M.S. in Applied Mathematics 2005 – 2008. Peking University, Beijing, P. R. China. Advisor: Prof. Qiu Zongyan
  3. B.S. in Applied Mathematics 2001 – 2005. Xiamen University, Xiamen, P. R. China