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Ana Ilic 
SCOPUS ID : 47661439400
University of Auckland Business School, New Zealand

Ana Ilic, Master of Commerce in Marketing (First Honours), Master of Creative Writing, Postgraduate Diploma in Management (First Honours), Bachelor of Commerce in Management (First Honours)

Ana is a versatile marketing and international development professional, specialising in creating and implementing innovative industry/business strategies. She works as a Senior Project Manager for ANZDEC Limited of New Zealand and is a self-employed consultant for marketing, enterprise development, and sector competitiveness. Ana is eagerly interested in online communities and has published a several articles on engagement in online communities.

Publications and conference papers:

  1. Shieff D, Ilic A (2013) Value Cocreation in Healthcare: Towards Evidence Informed Marketing Practice, conference paper accepted for presentation at the 2013 Naples Forum on Service, Ischia, Italy
  2. Brodie R J, Hollebeek L , Juric B, and Ilic A (2011) Customer Engagement: Conceptual Domain, Fundamental Propositions, and Implications for Research, Journal of Services Research (lead article; finalist for the IBM Best Paper Award: Vol. 14)
  3. Brodie R J, Ilic A, Juric B, and Hollebeek L (2011) Consumer Engagement in a Virtual Brand Community: An Exploratory Analysis, Journal of Business Research
  4. Shieff D, Ilic A (2010) The Role of Service Dominant Logic in the Healthcare Industry, University of Auckland Business School International Marketing Symposium, Auckland, New Zealand
  5. Brodie R J, Ilic A, Juric B, and Hollebeek L (2010) Customer Engagement: an Important Construct for Research in Service Marketing, Sixth Thought Leaders International Conference in Brand Management, Lugano, Switzerland
  6. Ilic A, Brodie, R, Juric, B (2009) Customer Engagement in Service Research: Moving Beyond Involvement, Commitment and Participation, 18th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, Hawaii