[IJ-NANO] Prof. S. El-Rabaie





Prof. S. El-Rabaie (Senior Member, IEEE’1992-MIEE-Chartered Electrical Engineer) Was Born in Sires Elian (Menoufia), EGYPT in 1953. He received the Ph. D. Degree in Microwave Device Engineering From the Queen’s University of BELFAST, 1986.

He Was a Postdoctoral Fellow at Queen’s (Dept. of Electronic Eng.) Up to Feb. 89. In his Doctoral Research He Constructed a CAD Package Used in Nonlinear Circuit Simulations Based on the Harmonic Balance Techniques. Since Then He Has Been Involved in Different Research Areas including CAD of Nonlinear Microwave Circuits, Nanotechnology, Digital Communication Systems, Digital Image Processing. He Was Invited in 1992 as a Research Fellow in the North Arizona University (College of Engineering and Technology) and in 1994 as a Visiting Prof. in Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal (Quebec), Canada.

Prof. El-Rabaie Has Authored and Co-authored More Than 120 Papers and Technical Reports, Fifteen Books. In 1993, He Was Awarded the Egyptian Academic Scientific Research Award (Salah Amer Award of Electronics) and in 1995, He Received the Award of the Best Researcher on (CAD) from Menoufia University. He Has Shared in Translating the First Part of the Arabic Encyclopedia.

Professor EL-Rabaie was the Head of the Electronic and Communication Engineering Dept., Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menoufia University, then the Vice Dean of Postgraduate Studies and Research in the same Faculty. Now He is Professor of Electronic and Communication Eng., Faculty of Electronic Engineering, Menoufia University.
e-mail;- srabie1@yahoo.com